Dear Merlin. Have just received a letter from the Board of Governors. They want me to take over as headmaster, as it seems that...but I mustn't think about that right now.

Me, headmaster? I've rarely heard anything so ridiculous, but...the students do need stability. And I've been here longer than any of them have been alive.

I have always known that the headmaster who followed Dumbledore would have a difficult time.

I just never thought that it would be me.


When I received the newspaper, a shock hit me. As usual, I was utterly unprepared - I ought to be getting used to it by now. But this time, there were larger issues to be concerned with than my lack of notice.

Dumbledore is missing.

What on earth is to become of us? How long will Hogwarts remain safe without him here, protecting us? How long will it be before he comes for us?

Without Dumbledore, we are sitting ducks.
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First Dueling Club Meeting!

The first meeting of the dueling club is today, as I hope none of you have forgotten. The students dueling today are:

Cho Chang vs. Zach Smith
Neville Longbottom vs. Draco Malfoy
Colin Creevey vs. Terry Boot
Brittany James vs. Ginny Weasley

Please pair up and prepare to duel. We will be using disarming, shielding and stunning (Merlin, what were we thinking, I'll have to levitate them up to the hospital wing in masses) spells only. Anything else will result in serious disciplinary measures. Professor Tonks and I will have our eyes on you.

OOC: There's still time if anyone would like to volunteer to take a dive. Otherwise, in all duels where only the allowed spells are used, the winners will be selected using our patented numerical system.
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Notice to Ravenclaw students only

I will be away from the castle on Friday night. If anything should happen during my absence, please see Professor Firenze, who will, as far as I can tell, be almost the only professor left here.

*lowers voice to whisper* And in my school days, whenever something we didn't like was served too often at meals, it usually was mysteriously destroyed by rats. With everyone gone on Friday evening, it might be an excellent chance. Surely one of you must know how to get to the kitchens.
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Notice to Ravenclaw students

As you may, or may not, be aware, Miss Brocklehurst is taking some time away from school. She will be away for some weeks. I would like to make it very clear that I will not tolerate any gossiping on this subject. Any student caught spreading rumors will be issued detention. I am sure, however, that I can trust all of you in this regard.
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Private, warded to all

I really think I would give a hundred galleons at the moment just to know what is going on.

Professor Snape has resigned with little or no explanation.

Half of my students are experiencing gastric distress.

Miss Brocklehurst has been suspended without so much as a word to me who, as her head of house, should at least have been informed of the matter. She swears to me that she is innocent of the charges against her, but it is obviously impossible for me to gainsay the headmaster's decision. Hopefully the trial will prove the truth of the matter, but I cannot help but think that there must be some misunderstanding on both sides.

I knew I should have taken that job at Gringotts when I was a young man, as my great-uncle advised.
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(no subject)

When I arrived at my morning class (6th year Slytherins), I found not a soul in sight. The classroom was completely empty, all of the students presumably attending Mr. Malfoy's protest.

Personally, while I share the concerns of other staff members about allowing people of low character to interact with the students, I can't help but think that the worst danger posed to the students in this case was excessive hugging and perhaps a deleterious effect on their spelling.

Still, I will abide with the headmaster's decision (even though I suspect he brought this decision on himself by feeding them so many sugary puffballs that they were too susceptible to the lure of pastry). I mark all the students absent, and retire to the staff room for a quiet cup of tea.

At least this has a few benefits.
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